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We give autonomy to people of the highest caliber to achieve the best results

We believe that brilliant, responsible people work best with less rules, which allows our team to trust each other and strive for the good of the group rather than their individual selves.

Upon this belief, Toss team has been relentlessly getting rid of unnecessary rules and maintaining an unprecedented level of transparency of information within the company. This, we believe, drives our team to increased autonomy, participation and motivation from working with people of the highest caliber, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction at work.

So we look for adventurers who refuse to settle, talented individuals who love to make a difference in the market while working with an amazing, dedicated team.

Our Core Values
  • Highest standard of
    information transparency
    and accessibility

  • Taking full responsibility
    and ownership

  • To be great,
    rather than good
  • Courage to face conflict,
    rather than avoid it

  • Be simple and focused
  • Focus on practicality,
    not formality
What does work mean to you?
Are you looking for work that can change and benefit
people’s lives? Do you want to expand your skills while
working with talented co-workers? Do you get satisfaction
pushing beyond your abilities to achieve high-set goals?
If this description matches you to a tee, we want to
work with you.
How we evaluate, reward and fire our employees
We don’t give rewards based on individual performance.
We reward our teams for team performance, so we expect
all our employees to be team players. When we do reward
individuals, we reward based on each person’s core values.
When our employees fit our core values, we offer large
stock options as benefits.

To keep our company culture, we let people go who don’t
fit our core values and team culture.
Who we are looking for:
Do you have the passion to take on an entire army like the Spartan soldiers in the movie 300? The willpower to embrace innovation and rebel against staid traditional practices like the Athenians? Then we are looking for you. Toss is dedicated to changing the finTech industry for the better, and that means sometimes taking on corporate bureaucracy head on. We are looking for people with grit.

* Grit: courage and resolve; strength of character.
Benefits and Rewards
We are aiming for an efficient, autonomous work environment:
  • Flexible commute time
  • Working remotely is possible when needed
  • No approval needed when taking holidays
  • 1 month vacation for every 3 years worked
  • No work on the last Friday of every month
We support your growth
  • 100% support for work-related expenses
  • All hardware and software necessary for work provided
  • Full insurance benefits, special event bonuses
  • Support for gym expenses and phone bills
  • We offer loans of up to 100 million won (USD 90,000), interest free to support employee housing
We support food and beverages
  • Lunch and dinner are 100% covered
  • We have a company cafe with a professional barista
  • We always have snacks available, and can order whatever snack food you enjoy